Safety Training

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One of the primary objectives of the Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Safety Association is to reduce workplace injuries through the provision of effective, industry-specific training programs.  Training raises awareness, helps with problem solving, and is a critical component of the culture change required to implement a safety-focused workplace.

NSADSA, through its Curriculum Committee and supported by injury data provided by the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, will identify the most critical areas for training in the retail automotive sector.  Courses will be offered in a variety of formats (e.g., on-line, classroom, self-directed) and will cover both the essential courses for all workplaces (such as WHMIS and First Aid) as well as industry-specific courses such as hoist or paint shop safety.

Because of our small size, NSADSA will be looking to provide members with access to relevant existing resources and resources that can be cost-effectively customized for our members’ needs.  Course calendars will be maintained on the NSADSA website and updated regularly.